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Secret Staging Tips To Sell Your Luxury Home

Oct 11, 2022

So most of us know all of the real estate “tricks” for staging a home, right?  Eliminate the clutter, take out cumbersome furniture, remove personal photos…these are all great ideas.  But, as an interior designer, I believe that you can go further with your staging by doing a few small things that will have a…

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Trending: Laundry Room Decor

Sep 12, 2022

Let’s face it, a lot of us spend a great time of deal doing laundry for our families (I know I do).  So why not make the laundry room as beautiful as it can possibly be?  We have been getting lots of request for chic laundry rooms and I really love it.  It is a…

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Pillow Party

Jun 2, 2022

The easiest way to refresh a sofa, bed or chair?  Beautiful throw pillows!  They can completely transform a space and bring a room to life. Throw pillows will bring the personality, the vibe and style to a room by adding a pop of color, pattern or texture.   They are such an important element in home…

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A Book Signing with Photographer Jessica Glynn

May 12, 2022

What a wonderful event!  We were so honored to host acclaimed architectural and interior photographer JESSICA GLYNN for “Books & Bubbles”, a book signing of her most recent book Beachside: Windsor Architecture and Design. This gorgeous coffee table book (penned by House Beautiful‘s Hadley Keller) celebrates tropical living at its most chic!  It chronicles a…

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Trending: Custom Cocktail Bars In Your Home

Feb 9, 2022

One feature that we are hearing homeowners ask for again and again in their renovations and designs is a custom cocktail bar.  Cocktail bars are so great for entertaining and they add a fun and decorative element to any living space.  Plus, these spaces are functional – what a wonderful way to store and display…

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How Wallpaper Can Transform A Space

Jan 26, 2022

Wallpaper is back and hotter than ever! I love using wallpapers in my designs. There are so many gorgeous options available these days, and my design team and I feel like kids in a candy store when we have all of the samples laid out for selections! Wallpaper is such a wonderful way to express…

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