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How To Stay Happy And Productive While Working From Home

Mar 20, 2020

Working from home is suddenly the norm! I know it can be jarring if you are used to going into an office. But there are parts of it that are lovely, and while I typically go into my office I have been known to get some of my best work done at home. I thought…

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My Kitchen Reveal

Mar 4, 2020

I recently renovated my own kitchen and boy, was it stressful…but I am really happy with the results! I have been thinking about what I wanted to do with this space for awhile. It is the hub of our home and the space where our family probably spends the most time! My vision included LOTS…

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Joyful Design

Feb 26, 2020

I just bought a book, Joyful, by an amazing woman and designer named Ingrid Fetell Lee. Her philosophy (the aesthetics of joy and the intersection of design and delight) are quite inspiring. Her book is about “the surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness”. Isn’t that awesome? It’s not only about how to…

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Kips Bay Show House Palm Beach 2020-My Favorite Rooms

Feb 5, 2020

I had so much fun attending the grand opening of the prestigious Kips Bay Show House Palm Beach last night! It was a very different experience to attend as a guest. Many of you might remember that last year, I was honored to be one of the designers. I designed the master bathroom and dressing…

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Rebel Design

Feb 3, 2020

I had the pleasure of listening to a podcast on CLEVER (one of my favorite spots for people of design), and the guest was Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds: streetwear designer. Design comes in all forms, and Bobby’s take is that of a rebel. He grew up in an immigrant family with pure joy for…

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Designing The New Palm Beach-Best of 2019

Dec 28, 2019

I love how everyone on Instagram is showing their “Top 9” posts of the year! Here are my top posts. I love the variety of these spaces that resonated with my followers. Many different design styles are represented, but you can still see the signature Krista + Home look in each of them. The common…

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Krista + Home on Pinterest

  • This cozy kitchen has comfortable seating gorgeous custom cabinetry and lots of luxurious marble! I love how it all came together.  Happy Sunday  stools: @lazarfurniture  table & chairs: @hookerfurniture  photo: @palmbeachcreative
  • This cozy little study is the perfect place to curl up with a good book.  Read any good books lately? Drop a recommendation below! sofa: @lazarfurniture  artwork: @uttermostcompany  rug: @stantoncarpet  pillows: @norbarfabrics  lamp: @uttermostcompany  : @palmbeachcreative
  • A pair of  linen upholstered beds create a  modern coastal vibe in this fun and cozy guest room!  beds: @fourhandsfurniture  nightstand: @universalfurniture  pillows: @fabricut  @lacefielddesigns_  rug: @suryasocial  linens: @matouklinens
  • This view of the master shows off statement wallpaper by @wallquestofficial and the clean lines of the gorgeous furnishings! Such a comfy and beautiful bedroom.  bed: @bernhardtfurniture linens: @matouklinens  rug: @stantoncarpet bench: @bernhardtfurniture lamps and mirror: @uttermostcompany lounge chairs: @bernhardtfurniture wallpaper: @wallquestofficial pillows: @schumacher1889  photo: @palmbeachcreative
  • Behind me is a huge wall that needed some love. We added a grid of beautiful mirrors by @uttermostcompany to liven up the space. Large scale art can be costly so if you have an empty wall consider grouping small mirrors or pieces of art together for a designer look. : @palmbeachcreative
  • When I first saw this space it was stark and empty from head to toe. I had a clean palette and created a light. bright and open family room space. Perfect for cuddling up and watching tv with loved ones.  drapery: @kravetinc  sofa  ottoman: @lazarfurniture  media cabinet: @hookerfurniture  rug: @stantoncarpet  accessories: @uttermostcompany  : @palmbeachcreative
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