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The New Palm Beach: Favorite Benjamin Moore Colors for 2019

I love Benjamin Moore paint, and I use it in all of my homes! I sat down recently with Benjamin Moore to talk about my favorite color picks for 2019.  And my favorite colors are…..(drumroll, please!)

Super White

Cloud White

Cliffside Gray

Smoke Embers

Honey Hut

Rose Bisque

Crisp Romaine

Newburg Green

Raccoon Fur

Trout Gray

In what ways would you use these hues? For example, are there specific colors that work best in a certain room or are there certain pairings that create subtle effects or bold statements?

In my designs, I usually choose soft neutrals as a base and add snaps of color. Happy snaps are discovered in pillows or accessories…but can also be exposed with paint (I just completed a home where all the interior doors are a contrasting color). I love the spectacle of a dramatic hue like Benjamin Moore’s Racoon Fur or Crisp Romaine as an accent on a cabinet, wall or ceiling. Recently I designed a master bedroom with a geo pattern, milled wall in the smoldering Trout Gray…it made a huge statement! (see below).

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Alterman, Photo by Jessica Glynn

When it comes to neutrals, I enjoy the smoky sophistication of grays. A few of my Benjamin Moore favorites are Cliffside Gray, Coventry Gray and Ice Formations. I love how, depending on the natural light and finish selections, grays can look warm or cool…and mood is everything in a home.

In the photo below, the light gray shiplap (BM Cliffside Gray) beautifully tops the platinum taupe glazed cabinetry and the crisp white trim (BM Chantilly Lace). The soft sea upholstered barstools set the coastal tone.

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Alterman, Photo by Jessica Glynn

How can homeowners use color to evoke the feelings of Palm Beach?

When one hears the phrase “Palm Beach” I think it conjures certain images: lush, colorful tropical foliage and florals, the island itself laden with history and beautiful architecture, not to mention an opulent lifestyle and impeccable service.

My own personal design style offers a fresh take on this iconic subculture. I call it The New Palm Beach™. This style blends classic elements with modern touches, a swank vacationing energy, and a luxurious look that’s livable.

Color-wise, I look to the elements of the beautiful outdoors. There is so much to work with in Palm Beach…the beautiful blues of the ocean, the soft warm sand, and the rich hues of the lush greenery and blossoms that surround us. My version of Palm Beach décor is subtle, organic and fresh. It’s not your grandmother’s Palm Beach anymore!

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Alterman, Photo by Jessica Glynn

I still love the vibrant shades of “classic” Palm Beach, but I use them as a pop to not overwhelm the senses. One of my favorite design touches is an unexpected happy snap of hot pink, in a beautiful fabric on a pillow. To me, pink is very Palm Beach. After all, pink is the new black!  Certain tones of pink make it a neutral such as the blush hues in Benjamin Moore’s Rose Bisque and Honey Hut. But I do love a hot or bright tone of pink as an accent.

In the photo above, I used beautiful fabrics on the throw pillows on a soft neutral sofa to bring this room to life. I love the crisp white Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore paint on the ceiling beams. It really sets the stage for the furniture and accessories. I think this photo really illustrates my design point of view and is a great example of how The New Palm Beach™ style could be implemented anywhere.

What are some simple ways to bring the Palm Beach experience into a home, no matter its location?

Great question! I think about this a lot – I’m currently developing some exciting new product that will be usable to homeowners everywhere. The great thing about The New Palm Beach™ is that this is a style that can be implemented anywhere.

One of the things that is wonderful about living in South Florida is you always feel like you’re on vacation. I often marvel at how lucky I am to gaze up at the crisp, lush palms during my morning workouts, and the stunning views of the ocean and the lighthouse as I head to meetings with clients. In the photo below I used Newburg Green for a master bathroom I designed for Kips Bay Decorator Show House. It was a bold choice, but it really made an impact! The Show House was a unique situation where I got to meet and talk with hundreds of people viewing my work. Many people asked what color was on the walls and wrote it down!

Krista Watterworth Alterman in the master bathroom she designed for the 2019 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Photo by Jessica Glynn

I love to travel, and my husband and I are what you might call hotel snobs—it’s in the name of professional research, after all! We adore a great hotel with fabulous design, service and amazing food. I’m a Northeastern girl… weathering the cold all my life in Connecticut and New York City made me want to channel that vacationing spirit and infuse that energy into all my work. I can imagine a Chicago homeowner, enduring a difficult trudge through lake effect winter winds, escaping to a home designed with a luxurious vacationing spirit. It’s good for the soul! And my go-to Benjamin Moore color palette for The New Palm Beach™ style is just the way to start.

When designing a master bedroom like the one below, I think about what people love about staying at hotels. Think soft, comfortable fabrics, uncluttered nightstands, a beautiful chair to lounge with a book or your morning coffee, and the most luxurious linens on your bed that you can afford.

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Alterman. Photo by Jessica Glynn

I think that bringing coastal hints into your home is food for the spirit, wherever you live. Natural, organic and fresh components create a pleasing, calm aesthetic for home décor and deliver that relaxed vacation feel in spades. It’s not about seashells and kitschy details, it’s a vibe that we create through color and finishes.


A beautiful piece of driftwood on a crisp white shelf, a weathered farmhouse door or table, soft linens on the sofas or a dash of tropical color – all of these things make me think of the island life we have come to adore.


Any other general tips or comments on designing with color that you might want to share, please do!


  • My rule of thumb, set the tone with a soft neutral palette and add happy snaps of tropical color.


  • When choosing a chic, sophisticated neutral base … gray or blush will make for a stylish retreat.


  • Smoky black and sexy forest green will be big in 2019. If it pushes your uncomfortable design buttons, start small with a twang in accessories and artwork.


  • For serious drama queens, go for a slick powder bath, kitchen cabinets or painted millwork in Benjamin Moore’s Raccoon Fur in a high gloss finish.


  • White is light and bright! Every white has its own personality. My go-tos are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, Cloud White and Super White.


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