Secret Staging Tips To Sell Your Luxury Home

So most of us know all of the real estate “tricks” for staging a home, right?  Eliminate the clutter, take out cumbersome furniture, remove personal photos…these are all great ideas.  But, as an interior designer, I believe that you can go further with your staging by doing a few small things that will have a huge impact on the home.  Many realtors and homeowners will hire professional home stagers, which is wonderful.  But hiring a professional stager is not always necessary.  For our interior design business, we are constantly styling for photo shoots and I have learned a lot about what works over the years.  Here are a few of my best staging tips to sell your luxury home:

Swap out the lighting. Designer lighting will make a huge difference in the home.  A modern pendant or chandelier can change the whole look of the space.   Browse Pinterest or interior design portfolios for ideas and purchase new fixtures for each room.  Then hire a handyman and swap ’em out!

Interior Design by Krista + Home. Photo by Jessica Glynn

Kitchen accessories.  I know most realtors request to have your counters completely cleared. I agree that this is a good idea – you don’t want a lot of clutter.  However, placing a few upscale accessories can really warm up the space. Our favorite go-to’s are charcuterie boards and demijohns from Etu Home.

Interior Design by Krista + Home. Photo by Jessica Glynn

Cabinet Refresh. While we are on kitchens, let’s talk about dated ones.  If the homeowners are not willing to do a full blown kitchen renovation, consider having the cabinets painted and/or switching out the hardware.  You would be surprised how much a new set of knobs can change things.

Interior Design by Krista + Home. Photo by Eve Greendale

Bedding!  It’s a fact. High end clients love high end linens.   Our favorites brand is Matouk – pure luxury! White is a classic for bedding, so swap out all of the bedding for something white and upscale.  A crisp white duvet and fluffy oversized white towels in the bathroom are perfect.

Interior Design by Krista + Home. Photo by Jessica Glynn

Greens in nice vessels.  You can use good fauxs blooms so you don’t have to worry about watering them.  A pop of green is an old trick for interior photos, but having any type of plants or floral always warms up a space in general.

Interior Design by Krista + Home. Photo by Eve Greendale

Bathroom Accessories.  Think about placing some high end product that your luxury clients will recognize – we love Hermes bath soaps.  A crisp white folded robe or two is also a nice touch.  Make it feel like the bathroom of a boutique hotel suite.

Interior design by Krista + Home. Photo by Jessica Glynn

Curb appeal.  Don’t neglect the entrance.  A fresh coat of paint on the front door and new hardware will do the trick. I love to use modern planters with real plants if possible. Any type of palm or tropical plant works and Arborvitae evergreens are an elegant choice.

Design by Krista + Home. Photo by Jessica Glynn

Overall, remember that you are really selling a lifestyle, not just a home.  A few Chanel shopping bags in the walk-in closet or a bottle of Veuve on the bar makes a statement and makes the luxury buyer feel at home.  Happy Selling!  I hope you get top dollar.

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