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SKETCH in white

Spacious cottage in the heart of Palm Beach County represents the warmth of South Florida and

became an oasis, no wonder because Florida is translated from Spanish to mean “blooming”

Object: a house in Wellington, Florida, USA

Designer:  Krista Watterworth-Alterman or Krista Watterworth Design Studio

Photos By: Jessica Glynn

Text: Elvira Matrosov

March 2016


Minimalistic, and at the same time bright, interior of a house in Wellington with a total living area of 3,500 square feet. Created by talented American designer Krista Watterworth Alterman.

The project is a complete renovation of a home in the famous Equestrian Club Estates hosting equestrian training facilities for Equestrian Club homeowners. This was a decisive factor for the homeowners in the purchase of this property. They wanted to give their daughter, who enjoys and competes in horseback riding, a comfortable and professional environment.


Initially, the design studio owned by Watterworth-Alterman had a difficult task – it included not only a redesign of the whole space but also an upgrade to the landscaping and pool area. The task was to integrate the wife’s clear requirements. The living room had to have touches of bright orange in the style of Hermes and the room of the youngest daughter was to have gold and lavender accents.


The palette of the other rooms, according to the designer, was to be pastel shades of mustard and white. With regard to the distribution of usable space, the large living room Watterworth-Alterman created has three visually decorated areas – living, dining and kitchen. There had to be spacious room for guests to enjoy.

The basic color range for all three spaces is white, cream and pale gray shades with the added brightness of orange and coral accents. The sectional sofa by B & B Italia and carpet by NIBA Collections are selected in tone on tone with almost Yuvelirnoy precision, giving the necessary environment an effect of continuity and completeness.

In contrast to the kitchen, which is warmer due to wood finishes and accessories, in the living room Watterworth-Alterman opted for glass and metallic elements. This contributes to the division of visual areas. A vintage glass coffee table with crystal base completes the look.

Functional chairs by Knoll look at the same time restrained and elegant. The space is not overloaded giving the best backdrop for accents. Most notable among them is the naturally curled wooden lamp Link SG Orange from the Spanish brand LZF Lamps.

A spacious foyer, acting as a transition area, also showcased the abundance of accessories. The abrupt photography by Seth Resnick and Raimond chandelier from the Dutch company Moooi are stand outs.

The patio is furnished with soft garden furniture from JANUS et Cie, which made the landscape of this cottage environment not only elegant and functional, but also homey.