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1368128521_good-housekeeping-june-2013-1“Pulling a Fast One”

Anxious to move in, a Florida designer creates a bright and breezy family home in record time.

June 2013

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Krista Watterworth isn’t intimidated by tight deadlines. As host of decorating makeover shows on HGTV, the designer revamped rooms in 48 hours – so it’s not surprising that she overhauled her entire Mediterranean-style home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, in a mere three months. “You get drywall dust in your bra,” jokes Watterworth about the accelerated pace at which she transformed dark Italianate interiors into easygoing, airy spaces perfect for husband Eric, son Griffon, 4, and daughter Skylar, 3. Relying on neutral shades of taupe and cream and unfussy furniture, Watterworth has achieved a family-centered home that’s “lived-in and completely livable.”


Krista Watterworth, above, chose deep, sized-for-sharing woven chairs for her backyard lounge.


As a a surprise for her husband, Watterworth had the lyrics to the couple’s first-dance wedding song-Valentine’s Day, by Bruce Springsteen-printed on a wallpaper mural and hung behind their bed. “It adds so much joy and heart to the room,” the designer says. Also soothing: a padded headboard, linen sheets and a linen duvet, and bedside table, all in calm relaxing colors.


In the stripe-happy bedroom of Watterworth’s son, Griffon-where daughter Skylar also loves to play-the colors are super bright and the streamlined furniture is kid-proof.

“The island is shaped like a horseshoe, which is so inviting-especially at parties”


To instantly brighten the kitchen (and stay on budget) Watterworth kept the heavy-looking dark-cherry cabinets, painted them, a creamy vanilla, and then continued that hue on the island’s beadboard. Organic-chic barstools crafted from American walnut play off the tones of the marble backsplash, and pendant lights with sand-colored silk shades cast a soft glow.

“The kids love to pull the threads on this chair-and why not? I don’t want an off-limits home”


Distressed wooden wings-a lucky find Watterworth spotted in the trash behind a junk store-now have pride of place in the master bedroom. Watterworth paired the found art with a burlap-and-cotton Restoration Hardware tufted wing chair with exposed nailheads. “I love how it’s a pre-destroyed version of a classic style-and the kids can’t ruin it,” she says.


A typographic area rug with the names of far-flung cities kick-started the gray-and-taupe color scheme in the sitting room, which includes an easy-clean IKEA leather sofa and a TV-hiding bookcase. Wide stripes painted on its walls, a decorative clock six feet in diameter, and an enormous clamshell on the coffee table balance the room’s cathedral ceiling.