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Nightstands 101

Nightstands are a very important element in any bedroom. They are functional, but should also be stylish. Size and height are crucial.  I always say the bigger the better.  Get the largest ones you can fit in your space.  This is especially important for a room with a king-sized bed. You want the tables to be scale in the room.

There are many items that are great to keep in your nightstand (more than you may think) which is another reason for getting a large one,  preferably with at least one drawer.  I keep nighttime beauty products in the drawers, as well as my iPad and anything electronic.

Coastal blue nightstand by Pineapples, Palms, Etc.

Lighting is important.  Beautiful lamps on each table can make a nice impact here.  They don’t have to necessarily be matching, but something else should unify them.  It could be color, shape or style.  Make sure your lamps are not too tall, and install dimmers for mood lighting.  I also like installing a small reading light right into the headboard, perfect for curling up with a great book.

There are many different styles to consider when choosing a nightstand. Many have a lower shelf, which is perfect for holding decorative objects. My rule is that decorative objects shouldn’t just look pretty–they should be either functional, meaningful or reflect your personality.

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Design Studio

Some 3-drawer dressers or bachelor’s chests work well as nightstands.  When shopping for a nightstand, be sure to check out these options even if they are not shown in bedrooms or called nightstands.  Another tip…if the nightstand is too high for the bed, simply saw off a bit of the legs.

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Design Studio

One great way to organize the items on the top of your nightstand is to use a pretty tray.  Everyone in our home has a tray next to the bed to hold their water bottle and other small objects. It’s also a great way to protect the nightstand from water stains and scratches.

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Design Studio

I hope these tips provided some insight into choosing and styling nightstands for your bedroom! My final tip: switch it up.  Every six months you can restyle, add some new lamps or switch out the knobs for a completely new look.

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