My Newest Fabric Obsession

I am a bit fabric obsessed so I was excited and honored when asked to be a brand ambassador for an amazing fabric company called S. Harris.  What a creative and special company, this is! Their fabric and decorative accessory collections are actually influenced by Art, Fashion, and Travel. How cool is that? So many of the values of this brand align with my own beliefs and what I am trying to achieve with my own company, so being an ambassador for them is a perfect fit.

All of the S. Harris designs in their stunning collections truly come from an organic and artistic place. You can see it in the beauty and craftsmanship of these textiles.

Photo courtesy of S. Harris

I love their Naturalist Collection, which is a new collection of textiles that are reminiscent of nature in its true habitat: animal skins, floral, botanicals, and textures.

Photo courtesy of S. Harris

Here are a few of my favorite fabrics from the collection. It is easy to picture a beautiful pillow or chair wrapped in these modern and luxurious prints.

Silk Flora, a silk jacquard offers a rich contrast of shades, complimenting a large floral design.

Silk Flora in Bluejade by S. Harris


Oken is a kaleidoscope inspired skin in cool, updated colors.

Okin in Mint, by S. Harris


Spotted Leaf is a printed velvet with a tropical take on “dew on a leaf” after the rain.

Spotted Leaf in Jade by S. Harris


Another beautiful S. Harris collection is titled “Urban Nomad: A Female Artists’ Studio.”  This line was inspired by the concept of the studio space where a female artist creates her masterpieces. This collection celebrates the legacy of  female artists in America. There are different fabrics inspired by Judith Goodwin, Helen Frankenthaler, Agnes Martin and Ruth Asawa, to name a few.  I just love the spirit of these textiles. They are truly beautiful representations of these artist’s spaces. I love that each yard has a story.

Photo courtesy of S. Harris


If you are a designer, I urge you to explore the world of S. Harris when choosing fabric for your clients. They also have a fun and inspiring instagram account, follow them here.


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