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Decorating With Orange

Orange is a tricky color to work with in home design. I can’t say it is one of my favorites, but when it is done right it really makes a statement! I do love the liveliness and positivity of orange. It can be a pleasing accent if you are careful and use a light touch. 


Here are a few tips for decorating with orange:

  1. Pair with white. Orange and white is a great combination. I like a crisp, pure white with my orange! Other neutrals like cream and gray also work well.
  2. Be careful with the shade or orange. Whether you choose mandarin, pumpkin or spice, you will want to stay closely in that color family with your accents.
  3. Think about where you want to place your orange accents. A pillow, rug, or piece of art works well. Even small touches like an orange vase will add some punch.
  4. Balance is important. If you are going to go there with orange, make sure there is more than one orange thing in the room. But be careful, don’t overdo!

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